Rate Of Outbreak Spreading: ‘Thermonuclear Pandemic Level Bad’

One of Harvard University’s “visiting scientists,” Eric Feigl-Ding, started a riot on twitter Wednesday when he posted, “HOLY MOTHER OF GOD—the new coronavirus is a 3.8!!! How bad is that reproductive R0 value? It is thermonuclear pandemic level bad.” The Department of Homeland Security is part of a new 12-agency panel the President ordered to look into it.



What that number means, is that every person infected will spread the disease to 4 more. Ding had never personally encountered such a high “virality coefficient” in his work. “I’m not exaggerating,” he said, warning we’re “faced with the most virulent virus epidemic the world has ever seen.” He may have exaggerated a little bit, he conceded later, and removed the post. “I read that 3.8 value and I was like: ‘Oh my gosh!’ I tweeted it out.” Also, he might have backed down publicly because he has inside information that he can’t talk about.

He still stands by his assessment though. The latest numbers show the virality dropped to 2.5 which, as Ding points out, is after historic levels of prevention methods have been called into play. “It has dropped because of public health measures,” he explains.

Other numbers indicate that Ding really isn’t far off the mark with his dire prediction. China reported “its biggest single-day jump in novel coronavirus deaths” on Thursday, “as global fears deepened with more infections confirmed overseas.” The World Health Organization initially downplayed the severity of the disease. Now that there are 170 deaths in China alone, they plan a meeting Thursday “on whether to declare the epidemic a global emergency.” 38 new deaths were reported in 24 hours, the highest one-day total since the virus was detected late last year.

While his tweet may have been a little inaccurate, his characterization of the virus as “thermonuclear pandemic level bad” is right on target. The Chinese may have used stolen American biochemical technology to build the biological version of a neutron bomb. Designed not to kill off a population but to cripple it temporarily. Everything indicates it was designed to spread like wildfire and cause panic and economic chaos in it’s wake, exactly as it has been doing.

Eric Ding was born in Shanghai, China. As a respected epidemiologist, you know he’s paying close attention to the Wuhan coronavirus pandemic. Also a member of the Harvard faculty, you can bet his ears pricked up when he heard that his distinguished colleague, Dr. Charles Lieber, had been arrested on charges which indicate Bio-weapons espionage.

News reports continue to surface directly tying Lieber’s work at Harvard to Chinese bio-weapons labs in Wuhan, the epicenter of the outbreak. You can bet Ding has been reading those news reports closely. Ding and Charles Lieber don’t run in the same circles but may have overlapping connections with the Chan School of Public Health, which studies epidemics, among other things.

True to Ding’s prediction, the numbers of cases are exploding astronomically as the death toll continues to rise. The level of global response has been historic in proportion. Nation after nation are evacuating their citizens and several Chinese cities are in total lockdown. There are already reports of “tens of millions of people’ in quarantine. The massive efforts to contain the virus are causing economic chaos and disruption around the globe. There’s nothing at all normal about this one.

President Donald Trump’s administration announced on Thursday that a presidential task force has been created “to lead the administration’s response to the virus, including monitoring and containing the spread of the disease.” The 12-member panel of top officials from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the National Institutes of Health, the Department of Homeland Security, the Transportation Department and the Department of State, will be lead by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar. They have been “meeting daily this week and will also make sure Americans have the latest health and travel information.”

“The risk of infection for Americans remains low, and all agencies are working aggressively to monitor this continuously evolving situation and to keep the public informed,” they promise.

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1 Comment

  1. Samuel Hay

    February 11, 2020 at 10:10 am

    January 22, 2020

    From: Samuel Hay
    Re: I HAD SARS

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    Getting right to it, first of all there is a solution called ‘silver colloid’ which quite simply is microscopic silver particles in water. The brand I used to cure my killer staph infection which had me in bed for three months, dying, only took ten days to completely cure. Living is a wetland area I later cured myself of Lyme Disease in two weeks using the same silver colloid. I can only recommend Mesosilver as my personal experience was with this particular brand.
    About forty years ago I discovered the properties of ozone in relation to fighting communicable disease. I had to build my own ozone machine. It and its replacements have run 24/7 for all this time. Although Big Pharma has most likely been the culprit in having the FDA issue a warning, Im 77 years old and healthy as a mule. No communicable disease in this household. When they first came on the market they were priced around $650.00 but today with mass production the average cost is around $100.00 and even less for smaller models which could be used in public bathrooms to eliminate all, I said “All” disease germs. Instantly kills the AIDS virus on contact for example and it would take at least 20 minutes in pure Clorox! Ozone will permeate every inch of homes/office.
    The ozone produced in the machine is a very small amount especially compared with a lightning storm. That lightning is what cleanses the atmosphere. Have you ever seen a sign that said, “Do not breathe while near a thunderstorm?” I don’t think so. Without a positive mentality to cure not just treat contagious disease, no clinical tests will ever be performed. If you were dying from a contagious repertory disease, would you want to give it a go? I absolutely would!
    Germs cannot, as with the silver, ever become immune and the Chinese are currently fearing a mutation of the germs creating a public health emergency there.
    In layman’s terms, the microscopic silver particles in water do not work the same way as antibiotics. When the bacteria or virus uses it to hydrate, it cuts their guts apart.
    The ozone produced by the machines is O3 allowing a very unstable electron to be pulled into the outer ring but is very unstable. When it comes in contact with other atoms it can be pulled away. In the event such nearby atoms are bacteria or virus, the germs are electrocuted on a microscopic scale.
    The essence of this exercise is to make public the potential of these two discoveries as preventative and curative properties. When I go out in large crowds I spray my throat and nostrils with the silver colloids in water. Simple as that. You can take the silver internally and also apply it externally to wounds.

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